Sending an email to your fans is a terrific way to increase awareness of your next game.

Just be sure to provide a link in the email to your goFan page.

this guarantees you will reach an audience that really cares about your school & wants to show support.


Here are 3 easy email marketing tips:


Send an email to your fans & the opponents' fans.


Be sure to add the GoFan link for your game – make it easy for fans to find the game & buy tickets!


Use a simple, clear subject line. For example, "Buy Milton vs. Roswell Tickets Now!"




One of the best ways to get your fans to buy tickets through goFan is your school's website.


Here are 3 easy ways to sell more digital tickets through your website:



Use a pop-up.


Include large images/ads that take users to your GoFan page.


Add a "Tickets" hyper-link on your athletic page and/or home page. The more links the better!




This is a great way to sell tickets! use your school's social media channels, especially facebook & twitter, to promote your games every week.


Here are 5 simple ways to use social media to increase your ticket sales:

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Tag your opponent's social media link(s) to encourage visiting team pre-sales.

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Copy & paste your game-specific GoFan link to your social media posts. This will automatically insert an image from your school's GoFan page.

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Create Facebook events for your games & link "Get Tickets" to your GoFan page or game link.

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Remind fans throughout the week with tweets & Facebook posts.

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Post early in the morning, after school, & at the end of the week (Thursday & Friday) for best results.